"Moda-Textile Factory Kyrgyzstan"

Please read the attached document and answer the 6 questions at the end.  You can use other sources to strenthen your answers but you can not use the internet as a source please.

Not less than 3 pages long paper in Times New Roman 12 font.  Use APA format
Thank you

Study Questions:
(1) How have Sergei and Olga’s lives changes since Soviet days? Are their lives better?
(2) What is Moda Textile Factory’s competitive advantage? How can they use it to expand the business?
(3) How would you characterize Olga’s management style? How was it shaped by the Soviet system?
(4) What kind of person(s) should Sergei and Olga look for as a business partner(s) to help them expand their market outside Kyrgyzstan? How should they find a partner they can trust? What can they do to build trust with this person?
(5) What steps can Sergei and Olga take to address the cash needs of their business?
(6) How can Sergei and Olga begin producing fashionable women’s cashmere coats in their factory? Is this feasible or should they give up this dream? Propose an action plan to move their business in this direction.