MMHA 6280 – Promotional Strategies

Subject: Business    / Management

Promotional Strategies

Select a different health care organization, product, or service of interest to you. Conduct research on your own to identify one or more examples that demonstrate use of promotional strategies. For instance, you may examine television commercials and newspaper ads for a local physician practice, or a website designed to promote a medical device.

In the first line of your posting, identify the organization, product, or service you have selected. Provide a brief description of one or more examples of promotional strategies. If possible, include a web link or other attachment to allow others to view the source(s).

Analyze each example of a promotional strategy. Explain why you think each is—or isn’t—effective. Describe who you think the target market is, and the potential connections between these promotional strategies and the strategic priorities of that organization. Be sure to provide your rationale.

Provide at least one recommendation for how you would improve upon or expand these promotional strategies.

Describe the ethical responsibilities that you believe should guide health care leaders as they engage in various aspects of marketing.