A. Personal reflection: Maximum 2 page, A4, double space, Arial 11

• Reflect on your learnings from the Negotiation class

• Identify 5 key takeaways that change your way of doing things in negotiation situation

• Conclude how the 5 key takeaways could bring impact to your l

Directions ? read my lecturer files : “TheWorldOfNegotiation-inclasspresentation.ppt” and NegotiationPreparation-inclasspresentation.ppt”

Additional books/references : ‘Book-ValueNegotiation.pdf ‘and c’overBook-3D-Negotiation.pdf’

B. Negotiation case: Maximum 5 page, A4, double space, Arial 11

• ?Find a real negotiation case, based on a real situation that you faced before or are currently facing, preferably (but not mandatory) in your professional environment

Please imagine your own case in daily working at office, (fyi I’m working in oil&gas company)

•?????Describe the negotiation context: ??Brief background

??Things to be egotiated ??Negotiation objectives

• Write an in-depth analysis on the case by using the combination of framework or different aspects of negotiation that you have learned in class, i.e., 7 elements of value negotiation, 3-D negotiation, including the supporting/related concepts that you find relevant to the situation. Please be structured in doing the analysis.

Directions ? rfor answering 7 elements read the Solutions

in file ‘caseDiego- 7elementsNegotiation.pdf page-8 for sample

and for answering 3D-Negotiation you can read “HBR-article-3D-Negotiation.pdf”

• When you do the analysis, be sure to elaborate the challenges which make the negotiation complicated/difficult, the preparation that you should do, the things that should be anticipated, the way how you would proceed the negotiation, how the end game/product of the negotiation looks like, and other things which can demonstrate your deep immersion into the negotiation world.