mkt301 Module 5 case study

Subject: Business    / Marketing

Module 5 case study

Read the case study, Zip Car: “It’s Not about Cars – It’s about Urban Life” on pg. 256 in your textbook.

There are FIVE parts that must be addressed in the Case Study:

1. A summary of the main facts in the case.

2. Describe at least 2 marketing concepts relevant to the case.

3. Critically analyze the future of the firm.

4. Describe the lesson or concept found to be most important and why.

5. Using the answer in part 4, describe how this can apply to your major or job. Be specific.

The paper must be at least 3 pages in length, in APA format, Times Roman 12pt font, double spaced, 1”

margins, cover page, abstract page, page numbers, RUNNING HEAD, citations, and separate reference

page. The liberal use of headers and sub-headers is strongly encouraged. These assist your reader in

identifying your transitions and you in organizing your work.

The general outline for the paper must be:

? Cover Page (must be in APA format)

? Abstract Page

? Body (At least 3 pages exclusive of cover page, abstract, and reference page)

? Reference Page

Click Case Study Example to view a layout sample of this assignment.

Each case analysis must use at least three outside references beyond the text or other class

materials, which must be cited in APA format. Wikipedia or encyclopedias are not acceptable.

You MUST have one each of the following types of references:

1. An article from a reputable newspaper

2. An article from a general business magazine (Inc., Business Week, Economist, etc.)

3. An online source – make sure it is reputable

NOTE: the textbook, class materials, and the firm’s website may be used as references, but these

sources DO NOT count for one of the three required references.

1. Case background/summary:

Describe the case facts and background. This might include BRIEF information about the firm; however,

do NOT simply duplicate what is in the case itself. You are required to provide CURRENT information on

the firm. For example, if in the time since the text was published, the firm experienced major changes, this

must be included in the background.

2. Marketing concepts:

Identify at least 2 marketing concepts discussed in the course and apply them to the case. For each of

the marketing concepts identified in the case, describe the concept, explain why it applies to the case,

and discuss how it might impact the solution. Critical thinking and analysis will be rewarded whereas

superficial insights will receive minimal points.

Use a Bold Face Header for each concept, for example:

Marketing Concept One: list your first marketing concept

Marketing Concept Two: list your second concept

Some examples of marketing concepts include (these are ONLY examples, you may use others):

? Branding

? Segmentation

? Product management

? Product lifecycle

? Objectives


? Market research

? Promotion/advertising

? Marketing ethics/corporate social


3. The future of the firm:

Describe how you see the future of the firm and its products. Consider issues such as the marketplace,

consumer preferences, trends, future segmentation, competition, and the nature of the firm. What might

you suggest they do to remain successful? To grow and expand? What is your analysis of their long-term

prospects? Support your conclusions with evidence and sound reasoning.

4. Concept/lesson learned:

A brief discussion of the most important lesson or concept taken from the case

5. How this applies to your career or major:

Reflect on your answer regarding the most important takeaway or lesson you derived from the case.

Briefly, in about two paragraphs, describe how this applies to your career, job, or major. Be concise and