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Section 1:  Website hosting and design
Website URL (MUST be hosted on
What web authoring tool did you use?

The web authoring tool that I used was Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Section 2:  Application of Information Systems Discussion
Information systems are a core unit in any organization. They are important because they help organizations and businesses to manage work in areas like employee monitoring and evaluation, transmitting information and coordinating activities in the work place. They are also core because they offer dealers, marketers, suppliers and manufacturers with a value chain. Information systems are used in:
1. Health sector – Information systems are applied in health sectors. There use range from records storage, diagnosis, treatment etc. Overall, a well-functioning Health Information system is an integrated attempt to gather, process, report and utilize health information, data and knowledge to initiate policy and decision making, research, personal and general health outcomes.
2. Education – Information system are applied in the education sector such as universities, colleges and high schools. Overall, information systems from an education perspective are used to manage and keep track of student enrollment, fee payments, examinations and any other activities involving the student.
3. Business and organizations – From a business perspective, information systems are used in collecting, processing and generating reports to aide managers in decision making. They also help in keeping track of employees, production, purchases and sales as well as any transactions of the business. 	
Section 3:  Information Systems in Hiring
Project Manager
Functional area:
Project management
The project manager is responsible with planning, implementing and evaluating projects based on some fixed timelines and budgets. Moreover, he is responsible with managing projects, reporting to the stakeholders and guaranteeing quality control throughout the project lifecycle.
Information System Manager
Functional area:
Management and accountability of the information system within an organization
An information systems manager is accountable for the information systems within an organization, supervising implementation, making sure backup systems function effectively and efficiently, procuring hardware equipments and software products, offering the IT infrastructures for an organization and formulating organizational policies concerned with eminence standards and tactical planning. Job titles for an information system may vary. For instance, one might be referred to as a functional manager or a systems manager

Section 4:  Marketing Analysis
Transportation companies
According to Google ad word keyword tool, the phrase “Transportation companies” has an average monthly search of 1600 hence making it a competitive keyword. Apparently, upon searching on Google, Norfolk Southern Corp Company never appeared in the first 10 pages. This may be as a result of poor marketing and SEO strategies.
Railway Transporters
According to Google Ad word tool, the phrase “Railway Transporter” has monthly search results of 40. This keyword has low searches hence making it less competitive keyword. The advantage of using less keyword with low search is because they are less competitive as compared to keywords with high searches. Upon searching the keyword in Google, Norfolk Southern Corp did not appear in the first.
Transportation Services

According to Google ad word keyword tool, the phrase “Transportation Services” has an average monthly search of 2,900 which qualifies it as a competitive keyword. Apparently, upon searching on Google, Norfolk Southern Corp Company appeared in the 23rd page. The site can best be marketed for this keyword by conducting Search Engine Optimization for their website.