Milestone 3 – week 3: Implement Site Navigation – CIS363B Milestones

Extend the Week 2 Project Proposal/Design and create a  detailed page layout design in Visio that you will use as a template for all  the web pages in your site. The template should include

    a header area;
    a link area;
    a main content area; and
    a footer area.

  This layout will be the main design/template for all of the pages in your site.  In future weeks, you will be altering the main content areas as needed.


Create blank content pages as per your site diagram. To do  this, you must have the filenames of major site pages determined. You should  have a home page (index.htm) and all of the subpages created, but content  information is not required. Create the  navigation links between the site pages. The pages do not need to have much  content but they must be created and must contain the navigation elements and  placeholder elements for your content.

Upon  completion of this step, upload your site to the Citrix web server. The server name  is Websol. Connect using FTP. The FTP address is The port is  21. Your root directory will be supplied by the instructor. The web URL will be  the combination of the address and the root directories.