Work Product: A Microsoft Word file report Any portions of spreadsheets you wish to include should be integrated into the Word document. No Excel spreadsheets.
The report should apply the concepts contained in the article and your analysis should draw conclusions as to the meaning of the data. You may use Excel or any other program to aid you in your analysis. 

Reports that outline logical actions that marketers can take are the goal. 
The Assignment: 
The article deals with the value of customers, which reflects the cost of serving each customer balanced against the profit they contribute. 

The managerial task is to:
•	identify which are your most valued customers and keep them; 
•	which are the least valued customers and slowly dump them; 
•	and which are the mediocre customers and see if you can increase their profitability to your company.

Using the customer pyramid Excel database attached. The database has several worksheets.

Based on the ideas in the customer value pyramid article, please manipulate the data to identify the best customers. 
Well, the best way would be to sort the database to learn who the ten best and worst customers are across the board and in each product category. Calculate the profitability of each customer (you know revenue minus costs).

•	Sort them by profitability.
•	Sort them by sales in each product category (Fleer, Mikhail, Ordnase)
•	Sort them by the cost of servicing them
•	Sort them by the cost of their returns.

Part One: Please answer the questions – Use the ‘Database’ worksheet in the Excel spreadsheet.

1.	Can you detect any relationship between the length of the relationship and profitability?
2.	Once you have identified the top 10 and bottom 10 customers, who are the bottom guys and what should we do with them?
3.	Which of the SIC/NAICS codes seems to give us the best profitability? Is there any pattern that you can see?
4.	The cost of goods sold reflects the underlying costs of each product. For the marginal customers, which products should we try to promote to increase their profitability?

Part Two: Please answer these questions. Use the ‘Commission’ worksheet in the Excel spreadsheet.

1.	Can you detect any relationship between the length service with the company and sales success?
2.	Using the commission rates at the top of the worksheet, calculate each salesperson’s commission for each product.
3.	Calculate the total commission for each salesperson.
4.	Is there a relationship between the length of service and commission?