MGT604 – Innovation and entrepreneurship

Subject: Business    / General Business
Innovation and entrepreneurship (book)
Chapter 4 – individual and organizational characteristics
1- what are the key similarities, differences and relationships
between entrepreneurship and innovation?
2- Why is the creative style of an individual more important than
any assessment of absolute creativity?
3- What are the relevant influences of an individual’s
characteristics and their environment on entrepreneurship?
4- List the key components of a process for identifying, developing
and assessing new ideas, and suggest a tool or technique to
support each stage.
5- What is the differences between culture and climate, and why
is this distinction critical for innovation and entrepreneurship?
6- What factors contribute to the development of a creative
climate and what factors might block it?
Recognising the opportunity
1- Where do innovations come? Generate a list of as many
categories of trigger as you can think of – with examples for
each one.
2- Push and pull – which is more important? This question has
worried managers and policy makers for decades – and having
an ideas of the answer would help focus support for the
innovation process more effectively. Using examples, try to
show how each is important under certain conditions but that it
is their interplay which really shapes innovation.
3- Taking each of the “4ps” of innovation which we introduced in
chapter 1 try to identify examples of product, process, position
and paradigm innovation and in each case list of sources which
gave rise to those innovations.
4- Julia Wilson is keen to use her skills in creating social
enterprises. Where might she look for sources of inspiration o
which to focus her entrepreneurial enthusiasm? Chapter 9 developing new products and services 1- What are the key differences between managing operations in services and
manufacturing? Think of a business and identify the relative contributions to value
added of the service and physical product components.
2- To what extent do you think that manufacturing and services are converging? Try to
think of an example of a manufacturing operation that increasing features a service.
Conversely, identify a service operation that is becoming more product based.
1- Where and how might you organize search for innovation opportunities for the
following business?
a- A fast food restaurant chain?
b- An electronic test equipment maker?
c- A hospital?
d- An insurance company
e- A new entrant biotechnology firm.
2- Using the list of innovation sources in chapter 5 , how would you organize search to
pick up trigger signals from these?