MGMT520 Module 9.1 Research Paper Submission

Subject: Business    / Management


1.2 – Research Paper: Think about Your Topic

Start thinking about your research paper topic and be prepared to submit the topic next week during Module 2. A draft of your research paper is due in Module 7 and will be worth 5% of your grade. Although there are no minimum requirements for your research paper draft, this submission provides an opportunity to receive feedback from your instructor prior to submitting the final research paper.

The research paper will be the final course product and will be due at the beginning of the 9th week. You will be expected to develop an organizational behavior analysis for an organization in the aviation industry of your own choosing. Listed below are some organizational development issues in the aviation community that may help you select a topic. However, you are not limited to these topics. You may select any topic as long as it pertains to the aviation industry. Your analysis should address aspects of leadership, organizational design, organizational culture, managerial roles, global business, change and innovations, e-commerce, and e-business. Your discussion should include the various theories that apply as well as examples of practical application and other significant attributes. Some possible topics:

Flight Operations: Decrease costs associated with flight operations.

Aircraft Acquisitions: Acquire the right aircraft for the route structure.

Maintenance: Control of maintenance expenses.

Ground Operations: all aspects of ground handling.

In-flight Service: Maximize the customer’s experience with in-flight service.

Another resource to aid you in selecting a topic is the video Ryanair: Revolutionizing the Airline Industry. The video is 30 minutes in length and I believe you will find it interesting.

Ryanair Video (Links to an external site.) (30:00)

The paper should be written according to the Modified APA style. The paper should have 12-15 pages of content (excluding appendices, table of contents, abstract, reference, and bibliography). The paper will be graded in accordance with the Research Paper Rubric (See Resources) and should consist of the following elements:

Executive Summary

Aspects of Leadership

Organizational Design (Compare and contrast current and possible new design based on culture, changes, and innovations)

Change and Innovations

Managerial Roles

Global Business Aspects



The rubric that will be used to grade your research paper can be viewed in 9.1 – Research Paper: Submission.

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