MGMT221 Module 2.4 Module Review Part 1 Questions Latest 2017 April

MGMT221 Module 2.4 Module Review Part 1 Questions Latest 2017 April

Subject: Business / Management
Module Review Assignment Deliverables

Access the Case Study and Module Review Assignments Overview and Requirements web page for detailed instructions and APA Style requirements for Module Review assignments.

Mod2-Clicking and analysis business financial report.jpgFor this activity, you will submit two files, a Microsoft Word® document for Part 1 and a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for Part 2. Your instructor will use the rubric below to grade this assignment.

In Part 1 of this assignment, you will answer three questions. For each question, conduct in-depth research on the topic using both the course textbook and primary sources outside of the course textbook as references. Answer each of the review questions in a scholarly manner. Use Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing application to create your data. Be sure to place APA Style in-text citations and a reference table as appropriate.

To assist your instructor, copy the numbered questions from the assignment and paste them in bold font just before each of your answers.

In Part 2 of this assignment, you will create a Decision Support System (DSS) using Excel. The Excel spreadsheet software is available through the Microsoft® Office 365 software suite provided by ERAU. Use the ERAU Software Downloads (Links to an external site.) link to download Microsoft® Office 365 (you will need to sign into ERNIE).

Part 1 Module Review Questions

Answer the following questions:

The course textbook states that “most business initiatives succeed or fail based on the quality of their data” (Turban, Volonino, & Wood, 2015, p. 37). With excellent information technology available today to manage data, why do organizations still have information deficiency problems?

Hardware virtualization is a widely utilized technology in the business world for purposes of reducing energy, and providing scalability with load-balancing. Describe three major types of virtualization utilized by businesses.

Describe at least three functions that a Database Management System (DBMS) performs to help create an accurate and consistent view of data throughout an enterprise.

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