(MGMT 627) – Project Management Quiz # 01

(MGMT 627) – Project Management Quiz # 01

Subject: Business    / Management

Project Management (MGMT 627)

Quiz # 01

Winter 2016

(Total Marks 10)

30 Minutes.

Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting quiz.

1. What most recognizes ventures from everyday operation?

A. It has an unmistakable spending plan.

B. It needs to convey particular results at a predefined time.

C. It conveys changes to the association.

D. It requires arranging.

2. Do you concur venture administration is a separated control being utilized by just a couple of particular industry areas?

A. Yes. Just industry areas, for example, development and IT are utilizing venture administration.

B. Yes. Venture administration requires heaps of scientific aptitudes that as it were designers can deal with.

C. No. Despite the fact that not key, it is popular to apply some venture administration ideas.

D. No. Venture administration is currently embraced by all industry areas for extends substantial and little, and is totally vital for fruitful task conveyance.

3. Danger is a troublesome subject in task administration on the grounds that:

A. Hazard includes something obscure.

B. Individuals have a tendency to trust a danger won’t happen until it really does.

C. A few dangers are flighty and thus difficult to oversee.

D. A few dangers, for example, common debacle or flame are difficult to forestall.

4. Changes are inescapable for each task. The suggestion is:

A. Venture arranging is not imperative as it will dependably be changed later.

B. An appropriate change control process must be actualized.

C. It is obligatory to have client signoffs for all arranging reports to stay away from consequent changes

D. Abilities in taking care of changes are more vital than those in undertaking getting ready for a task administrator

5. The greatest test to a venture administrator in group administration is:

A. Most venture colleagues are master in particular zones and consider the undertaking supervisor not in fact capable.

B. Numerous colleagues are utilized on contract premise and occupied with looking for another employment close to the end of an undertaking.

C. There are an excess of correspondence channels both inside and outside the group.

D. More often than not a venture supervisor needs to deal with the group without formal power.

6. Which of the accompanying variables can make an undertaking come up short?

A. The venture group does not have inadequate aptitudes.

B. The client raises a great deal of progress solicitations.

C. The task group neglects to impart and develop working connection with the client.

D. A key colleague is pulled far from the undertaking because of evolving need.

7. Quality, calendar and cost are three vital goals of any ventures. Which of the accompanying proclamation is valid?

A. Their relative significance contrasted with one another shifts from venture to extend and must be chosen by the partners included.

B. Quality is of equivalent significance to calendar and cost in today’s ventures; however in the past timetable and cost outweigh quality.

C. They are generally called the triple requirements of venture execution.

D. Quality is an execution objective for client, while plan what’s more, cost are execution destinations for the task group.

8. At the point when a venture needs to secure gear or administrations from the outside, seller administration is a genuine test for the venture group in light of the fact that:

A. Sellers are propelled independent from anyone else intrigues.

B. Contractual matters include lawful learning which a troublesome subject for most venture groups is.

C. Seller for the most part seeks after an alternate enthusiasm than the task group. For sample, merchant is more worried about gainfulness while the venture group is worried about on time conveyance of the task.

D. Merchants display a security risk to the venture group, as restrictive organization data might effectively be spilled to the outside world.

9. The venture life push normally goes successively through:

A. Four Stages

B. Five Stages

C. Six Stages

D. Seven Stages

10. Which of the accompanying explanations about ‘force and legislative issues’ is valid for ventures?

A. Force and governmental issues are unavoidable in any activities on the grounds that partners, interest and here and there force will be influenced. The main approach to adjust hobbies and force among partners is through political procedure.

B. Force and governmental issues are to be maintained a strategic distance from keeping in mind the end goal to convey an effective venture.

C. Governmental issues are offensive to a great many people and harming to associations. It is basic to develop partners’ relationship to such a degree, to the point that no governmental issues exist inside of a task domain.

D. A venture group ought to concentrate on specialized deliverables of the task. For whatever length of time that individuals get great results from a task, they won’t swing to legislative issues to accomplish their necessities.

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