MGMT 312 – Contrast the items in the following sets

Subject: Business    / General Business

This graded activity has two parts.

Part 1: Answer the Module Review Questions listed below. These questions were chosen to demonstrate your understanding and help you assess your progress.

Contrast the items in the following sets of terms:
Object; class; instance; entity relationship diagram (ERD) entity
Property; method; attribute
State; behavior
Superclass; subclass
Concrete class; abstract class
Method; message
Encapsulation; inheritance; polymorphism
Static binding; dynamic binding
How is the object approach different from the data and process approaches to systems development? And how can the object approach improve the systems development process?
Describe the main building blocks for the sequence diagram and how they are represented on the model.
Describe the steps used to create a sequence diagram.

Part 2: Module Practice:

Draw the associations that are described by the following business rules. Include the multiplicities for each relationship.

A patient must be assigned to only one doctor and a doctor can have one or many patients.
An employee has one phone extension, and a unique phone extension is assigned to an employee.
A movie theater at least one movie, and a movie can be shown at up to four other movie theaters around town.
A movie either has one star, two co-stars, or more than ten people starring together. A star must be in at least one movie.