Memo to President

Memo to President

Paper instructions:

You have been appointed as a Special Historian Advisor to the President of the United States. Your specialty is United States history in the twentieth century. Various interest groups have suggested the President and Congress make certain policy decisions and there are now two policy proposals under consideration. Based on your specialty in U.S. history, it appears these policy proposals may have some similarities to events and policies that happened in the past.

The President has asked you to write a memo that can be circulated widely, including to members of Congress, while debates are being conducted on these policy proposals. The President wants to know the historical facts and similarities to past events and policies, why those similarities are significant to consider today (that is, what lessons those events and policies should teach), and whether the proposed policy decisions should be enacted.

Policy Proposal #1

According to a recent study, most of the jobs in Silicon Valley today are held by engineers and scientists who are American citizens of Asian descent (either their parents or their grandparents immigrated to the United States). Various groups want an executive order authorizing their repatriation back to their countries of origin in order to free up some of those jobs for American citizens of European descent. Alternatively, if they are not repatriated, the groups want all people of Asian descent in every state across the country to be searched for legal papers and anyone found without papers to be deported immediately.

Policy Proposal #2

According to a recent survey, there are hundreds of thousands of Canadian-American citizens (people who have both Canadian and American citizenship) living along the border states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. In a recent interview, the prime minister of Canada made an off-hand comment that there may have been intelligence-gathering agents sent to the United States by Canadian authorities since the early 2000s. U.S. authorities have no evidence of this. However, various groups want an executive order authorizing all Canadian-Americans living in those states to be removed to mandatory detention centers until authorities can resolve the situation. Alternatively, if they are not detained, the groups argue that all such persons should be excluded from American society because they present a potential threat. So, the groups want all Canadian-Americans from those states to be banned from buying property in other states, their children be banned from attending public schools with other American citizens, and not be allowed to use any public services such as public transportation.


Download the Unit 3 Exam Template. Using the template, write responses to each of the sections: Short Answer, Relevant Historical Facts, Discussion/Analysis, and Conclusion. This must be done for both of the policy proposals. Your Short Answer should just say “yes or no” to the question of whether the policy proposal should be enacted. The other sections have recommended word counts to guide your writing about how you support your answer. Make sure to articulate your position clearly and to make sure to include as many of the key terms from the lessons as possible. Whenever you use a key term from a lesson, make it bold so it stands out. All headings, fonts, etc. should remain as they are in the template.