MBA530 module 5 and 6 discussions

Subject: Business / Management
1.Describe the most effective group or team of which you have been member? What factors made the group or team effective? In your answer, consider both individual factors in part 2 of your textbook (e.g., values, motivation, feedback/learning, etc.) and group factors in Chapter 9, such as diversity (pages 331-332), the group characteristics in Table 9.1, and the group behavior concepts on pages 317-319.

2. What are the most significant barriers to teamwork and to empowerment that you have experienced and why were these barriers important? Consider trust and other factors introduced during the interaction part of this module.

Module 6
1. Using the dimensions of empowerment in the book (pages 412-417), analyze and describe the degree to which people in your work environment are empowered. Then, review the first box in Figure 12.3 and describe the approach your supervisor or manager uses when making key decisions. Considering the article link in this module and explain if there is a “team of rivals” present? Finally, with respect to both participation in decision-making and team member empowerment, what strategies would you change if you were the manager of your or another organization? Consider all of Figure 12.3 and pages 366-368 in Chapter 10.

2. Do you think of yourself as powerful, powerless, or a little of both? Explain your basis for these perceptions? In your answer integrate the specific symbols of power in the textbook (pages 403-404).

3. Who is the most powerful person you know personally? What makes this person so powerful? Does this person’s power use empowerment as a tool or do they make all the decide

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