Part 2A: Final Reflection Component

In our final reflection and planning paper you will explore, discuss, and analyze your key take-aways from the program.

Specific guideline questions related to the reflection part of the paper to address are as follows:

Think about your experience in the MBA and compare that to your experience completing the M.B.A. Program Outgoing Assessment in Week 4 of this course, identify the topics from your M.B.A. in which you think you are particularly strong and those where you think you have opportunity to further develop your competencies.
Analyze why you identified each areas and the extent to which you think the program helped you develop your skills and knowledge.
For the competencies (subject areas) that you think need further work, identify what you think you could have done differently in your program to better support your learning. Be sure to keep your comments constructive. Also, be sure to identify tangible things that you will do to further strengthen your skills in the Planning Component below.
Evaluate whether you think your performance on the assessment accurately reflected your self-assessment of your knowledge and skills.
How has the M.B.A. experience through all of your coursework changed you as a business professional?
In what fundamental ways have you improved as a thinker, communicator, manager, leader, and follower?
What core individual values have evolved, changed, or been added as a result of interacting with the program's peers, faculty, and concepts?
How will you use your experience in the MBA and your reflections in your BPPG across the core courses in the program to promote positive change in your organization, your community, or on a broader scale?
Part 2B: Planning Component

In this section you will document your future plans for personal and professional growth including thoughts about how you will strive to become a more socially responsible member of the business community in general. Specific guideline questions related to the planning part of the paper to address are as follows:

Develop a reading list to explore the concepts and topics that resonated with you during your MBA experience. What are the professional associations you are already part of or that you can join and are actively exploring these topics? What professional conferences can you attend this year to deepen your knowledge of these topics even further?
What can you do now to integrate the experiences and insights you had in your MBA experience with your personal and professional development goals? Who might mentor you through this process?
What will you do moving forward to continue your personal and professional development and achieve your goals? How will you maintain balance between these to ensure that you can achieve what is important to you?
How will you track your progress toward achieving your personal and professional goals?
Guidance on Assignment Length: Your final reflection and planning paper will likely be three to four single-spaced pages, excluding references and your M.B.A