Maths Miscellaneous Problem

Maths Miscellaneous Problem


A questionaire was given to atudents. The first question asked was "ow stressed have you been in the last week on a scale of 0-10 qith 0 being not stressed at all NS 10 EING a stressed as possible? The responses are shown to the right.

Stress rating Frequency
o 5
1 3
2 1
3 12
4 19
5 13
6 14
7 29
8 31
9 18
10 16

a. which stress rating describes the greates number of students?

______out of 10
how many students responded with this rating.

2. Find the mean doe the following group of data items.

5. Find the mode for the data items in the given frequency distribution.
score, x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
frequency 4 2 7 5 6 2 2 2

A. the mode is/are___
b. There is no mode__

7. Determine whether the following statement makes sense or not and explain your answer.
"I'm with a data set for which neither the mean nor the median is one of the data items.

8. the scores on a test are normally distibuted with a mean of 40 and a standard deviation of what is the score that is 1 1/2 standard deviations below the mean?

12. a set of data items is normally distributed with a mean of 60 and a standard deviation of 7 Convert 65 to a z-score.

13. intelleigence quotas on two differnt tests are normally distributed. Test A has a mean of 100 NS stNDr deviation of 12. TestB has mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 16. Use z-scores to determine which person has the higher IQ:
an individual who scores 131 on Test A or an individual who scores 122 on Test B.

Determine whether the statement make sense or not explain your reasoning.

" I found a strong negative correlation for data relating the percentage of people in various countries who are literate and the percentage who are undernourished. I concluded that an increase in literacy causes a decrease in undernourishment.