math107 week 8 Participation

Subject: Mathematics    / General Mathematics

Week 8 Participation

This is the last graded discussion. The due date is March 3 (with NO extra days with penalty) but, if possible, post your response by Wednesday of this week so that your classmates will be able to benefit from your post.

When reviewing for an exam, it is a good idea to take some time to consider what types of questions will be on the exam. (What should I study?) The answer to this question will guide you as you study for the exam.

This discussion is your opportunity to share with your classmates what you have determined will be a sample final exam question.

Post a question that you think will be reflective of one of the final exam questions and then give a detailed solution to the question. Follow the discussion rubric as you write out the solution. This should not be a problem from the text – make up one of your own.

Take some to review the sample questions/solutions of your classmates. If you see a post that is helpful to you – let your classmate know.

Hopefully, this discussion will contain lots of different types of problems that will give you an additional review for the final exam.

After the exam, you might want to check back and see if your type of problem was included on the final exam. If yes, then it would be reasonable to conclude that you are indeed quite brilliant…heh, heh, heh

Here is where you will post your extra credit problem. This problem is optional. You can earn up to 10 extra credit points for your participation problems by posting a problem from one of the previous discussion problem sets that has not already been posted.

Label the problem as extra credit.

Just to clarify, the Week 8 discussion post will be a problem that you make up and the Extra Credit problem will be from the previous 7 weeks discussion problems.