Subject: Mathematics    / Statistics

1) Is each of the following scenarios a binomial setting? If not, explain why.

a) Honda motorcycles pulls one motorcycle off the assembly line each hour to conduct a thorough quality control inspection. One variable recorded is the total number of visual defects to the finish (scratches, imperfections, etc.).

b) Mr. Rye buys one Lotto ticket each week. X is the number of times he wins a cash prize in a year.

c) Leslie is doing a science fair project on batteries. She is going to measure X: how many brand new batteries must be purchased and tested before a defective one is found.

d) 40 students take an A.P. Statistics class online and subsequently take the A.P. exam in May. Let X be the number of students who pass (score a 3, 4, or 5) the exam.

2) Is the following situation a binomial setting? Explain how it does or does not meet the conditions of a binomial setting. Draw a single card from a standard deck of cards. Observe the card and then replace it. Count the number of times you draw a card like this until you get a seven.

Imagine taking a 10 question true or false exam. You randomly guess at each question. Don’t do any calculations, just tell me your gut sense.

a) Is this a binomial setting?
b) How many questions do you think you will get correct?
c) How surprised would you be if you passed (6 out of 10 correct or better) the exam?
d) How surprised would you be if you got an ‘A’ on the exam (9 or 10 out of 10)?

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