Subject: Mathematics    / Statistics

MATH 309 – Statistics Portfolio Project – Weekly Case Study 5 This Weekly Case Study is worth 4% of your overall grade Outcomes Completing this Assessment will help you to:? Organize data for analysis in the form of graphs, tables, and frequency distributions.

? Calculate statistical data for measures of central tendency and dispersion.

? Investigate dispersion through normal distributions using range, mean, standard deviation,and z- scores

.? Measure location, variation, probabilities, distributions, and expectations.

? Formulate a hypothesis, test a hypothesis, and interpret the results.

[Adapted from “Real Statistics – Real Decisions”, Pg 396 of Larson, Elementary Statistics, 4th Edition.] Deadline Due by Saturday at 11:59 pm, ET.

Directions You review the will review the video on doing a t-test with the below data. Then, you will submit your own t-test using the same method. Please submit an Excel file to do a t-test on the data you select.
Group 1    Group 2
100    105
86    95
112    120
80    85
115    110
83    100
90    115
94    93
85    107



1. Video – Please watch the below video to see how to do a t-test in Excel given two groups of data. This same analysis can be done using anytwo groups of data Link (copy the below link into your browser address)

2. Do a t-test on your own data from your own life, your future profession, or your current program. You must have two columns of data and no limit on the number of data items in each column.

3. Explain the output of your t-test analysis. What role does your hypothesis play in a t-test?

How can you use your interpretation and analysis of your t-test? Write 300 words in your Excel file for this question

4. Metacognition – thinking about thinking and learning.You have analyzed the “how you think” and “how you learn” over the past four weeks. For this week’s metacognitive evaluation, please write a short paragraph(two to five sentences) explaining how your thinking processes have evolved from the first few weeks. You may need to reference your previous Weekly Case Studies to thoroughly answer this question.

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