Mastery Problem 1 – Westion Payroll

Mastery Problem 1 – Westion Payroll

Mastery Problem 1 – Westion Payroll

Westion’s employees prepare their time cards in the company’s online timesheet system. A designated time keeper in each department approves the timesheets in the system and notifies the payroll department. There the payroll clerk runs the payroll and the systems calculates each employee’s gross and net pay based on hours worked and information contained in the employee master file that includes pay rates, withholding information and tax tables. The payroll clerk then reviews the paycheck summary, processes any corrections and runs the final payroll. Depending on an employee’s preference, physical checks or direct deposits stubs are prepared. An original of the final payroll summary is kept in the payroll department.

A copy of the payroll summary and of the physical checks and direct deposit stubs are sent to the cash disbursement department. The cash disbursements clerk reconciles the payroll summary with the paychecks and direct deposits and records the transaction in the cash disbursements journal. The cash disbursements clerk sends the paychecks and direct deposit stubs to the treasurer for signing and processing. The signed checks and direct deposits stubs are sent to the paymaster who distributes them the employees by 11AM on payday.

For the accounting process described, prepare a
data flow diagram
entity relationship diagram
systems flowchart

Note: diagrams must be original, not screenshots, that you have created yourself in MS word, Excel, Visio, or an online product that I can access with your login.