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T h i s c h a p t e r . . . The purpose of this chapter is to underline the importance of developing and communicating a rigorous understanding and statement of the value that we offer to a customer. But this has to be a bit more than the strap-line from an advertisement (which nobody much believes anyway). Deeper market understanding (market sensing) gives you a better chance of knowing what drives value for different types of customer. Making smart choices of market targets should refl ect your ability to offer C H A P T E R • • • • 8 Customer value strategy and positioning: what have you got to offer, how does it make you different to the rest? Market-Led Strategic Change • • 310 value to target customers. Your value strategy is more than a simple cost/benefi t analysis. Customer value is more complex than having the lowest price or the highest technical quality. Customer value refl ects what you stand for – your corporate values, as well as your prices. Your corporate values may undermine any other advantage you have in a market, or create new areas of customer benefi t. Corporate social responsibility is increasingly linked to competitive advantage. Your value offering is the basis for how you differentiate against the rest and for the position you occupy in the market. Your value offering comes out of your marketing assets. Your value proposition needs to be clear and to focus on what drives value for the target customer. This amounts to a substantial challenge in a world where many executives do not have the faintest idea what really matters to their customers. Introduction Our progress along the strategic pathway so far has involved trying to put a handle on the things we can do to learn better from the customer through our market sensing capabilities, and then to exploit this market understanding in the critical market choices that we make – which markets, which segments, which niches should we make our targets? This only makes sense if we also have the...