Marketing Plan : Describe FIVE parts that you would include in the plan and the concept

Subject: Business    / Marketing

Question 1 (10 points)

Marketing Plan

Your firm has a meeting with the restaurant clients next week, and you have been assigned to prepare a briefing on what they should expect in a marketing plan.

Describe FIVE parts that you would include in the plan and the concept(s) included in each. Be specific and provide enough detail that a non-marketing person can understand the concept.

For each of the five parts you have selected, provide a brief benefit to the client.

Question 1 options:


Question 2 (10 points)

Consumer Behavior

The restaurant owners want to better understand what might motivate tourists to visit the restaurant.

Begin by listing and defining the four types of factors influencing consumer behavior.

Select the two that you believe are most important to the restaurant, and justify your answer with reasoning or examples.

(Note – there is more than one right answer for this question; your score will be based on your support for your selection.)

Question 2 options:


Question 3 (10 points)


Describe the concept of a brand image, being sure to include the relationship between what the consumer sees or hears and consumer behavior.

Provide your restaurant clients with TWO traits you believe should be part of their brand image, and explain WHY you think the traits are important.

Question 3 options:


Question 4 (10 points)

Marketing Communications

The restaurant clients want you to develop an IMC plan for their launch. You know there are several types of Integrated Marketing Communications; however, your clients are not familiar with them.

List and describe or define FOUR major types of IMC. Be specific and include enough detail that your clients understand each type.

Select two types of IMC, and provide a specific example of an action item that applies to the launch of the restaurant, including why you selected this action item over the many other options available to the clients. Provide enough DETAIL so that the clients understand what they need to do.

Question 4 options:


Question 5 (10 points)

Feature and Benefit

Part of the marketing plan for the themed restaurant is a feature and benefit analysis.

Describe the concepts of feature and benefit, and define each of the two.

Explain why these concepts are important to a marketing plan with emphasis on why these matter to a consumer.

Provide your client with three features you believe will be important to the restaurant with a benefit for each feature. Be specific.

Question 5 options:



Question 6 (10 points)

Marketing Mix

You and your staff are using the marketing mix to outline the project.

Begin by listing the 7Ps in the mix, and provide a brief (bullets are acceptable) definition of each.

Select any three you believe are relevant to the project, and give a specific example of how they apply to the restaurant.

Question 6 options:


Question 7 (10 points)


The client is trying to decide how to segment his target marketing and needs your consulting firm’s help.

Describe the concept of segmentation and what benefit(s) he might get from having a segmentation plan.

Provide your client with a list of the types of segmentation factors, and provide three (3) examples of factors you might include in each type.

Question 7 options:


Question 8 (10 points)

Environmental Forces

List the five environmental forces discussed, and briefly describe each of them

Select two that you believe apply to the restaurant scenario. Explain why you believe they apply, and provide an illustrative example.

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Question 9 (10 points)

Breakeven Analysis

The restaurant wants to know how many dinners they must sell to breakeven.

Briefly describe the concept of breakeven analysis (based on unit volume) and why it matters to the restaurant managers.

If you were the restaurant’s marketing manager, how would you use the breakeven information?

Using the following information, how many dinners do they need to sell to breakeven?

Fixed costs = $350,000

Price = $45

Unit variable cost = $18

Question 9 options:



Question 10 (10 points)

Advertising Analysis

Locate the advertisement on page 450 of the textbook (15th Edition) and answer the following:

Who is the target audience? Be specific and provide examples of demographic and psychographic traits for the target audience. Support the rationale behind your answer.

Describe the message the advertisers are trying to communicate. Are they successful in communicating that message? How does this message connect to the target audience? Be sure you consider the image and text in your answer.

Is this ad using a rational or emotional appeal strategy? Support your choice with examples from the ad.

Question 10 options: