The final will consist of a research paper that must be submitted 10-12 pages in length discussing one issue from the textbook. That issue should be a specific chapter in the text.  For example:  You can write about Motivation and Values (Chapter 4) or The Self (Chapter 5) or Individual Decision Making (Chapter 9)  Take any chapter in the textbook and research that subject. And expend your chooses use your personal experiences and commons, for example, the self(chapter5),  I will buy a lot of electronic product to satisfy myself, once the apple introduce their new product: Ipad mini, I bought it at the first time…..(like this kind of example, as long as better) and also you can read the relate books or sources from the internet, and learn from the book use your own words to write.(personal experiences are the most important of this paper, more personal experiences= high grades)  I need four references, the textbook IS NOT A REFERENCE SOURCE, I REPEAT THE TEXTBOOK IS NOT A REFERENCE SOURCE.  There are many research tools available to you for reference material.

All assignments and case assignments must be typed, double spaced, with a one-inch margin on all sides.