The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate to you the breadth of careers available to you in the field of marketing and to illustrate how most marketing is also inherent in many jobs (in other words, you, regardless of your career, will act as a part-time marketer). 

1.	Describe a job or careers in marketing that interest you. (Market Research)
2.	Describe two jobs in your field that interest you. Describe how in that role you may also act as a part-time marketer. (Research Analyst, Statistician)
3.	For each of the three jobs discussed, identify:
a.	Average compensation
b.	Benefits (health, retirement, other)
c.	Stability and tenure
d.	Location – work environment and geographically
e.	Educational requirements for entry level and other career stages
4.	Summarize the above information in a table
5.	Citations and references are required – use APA style (no abstract or running head, please).

Formatting requirement
•	Memo format
•	Other requirements
•	Page LIMIT: two pages (does not include bibliography/references or chart)
•	single-spaced
•	1” margins
•	12 point, Times New Roman font
•	APA style
•	Do NOT include a title page
•	Writing Center consultation strongly recommended
•	No Headers, or Footers
•	Answers to objectives 1 & 2 are (in the brackets)