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Jane wants a spot on the women’s volleyball team at her school. She spends a great deal of time with the coach and the other players working to develop her skills, and plans to try out for the team next Spring. For Jane, the volleyball team could be considered to be a
Primary membership group
Secondary membership group
Primary aspirational group
Secondary aspirational group
Primary dissociative group

Charles Jones developed the specifications for some new laptop computers being purchased by his employer for the engineers at his company. Charles’ personal assistant, Pat Brown collected information about a variety of computer systems for him to examine. The specifications were approved by Janine Smith, his boss. Richard Davis chose to buy the computers from Dell, and negotiated a great price due to the large volume of computers being purchased.

Janine’s role in the buying center is that of a:

The goal of marketing is to try to
Maximize profit and minimize costs
Sell products and services to the largest possible number of people
Satisfy consumer needs and wants through the exchange process
Provide high quality at a low cost.
None of the above

According to the “marketing rules” we discussed in class, if you cannot be first in a product category,
Be the best
Set up a new category
Change your promotional campaign
Use price competition
Compete with the leader on a price basis.

In a marketing context, “product” includes:
I. The actual goods and services marketers offer to their target markets.
II. The promotional strategies used to communicate with their target markets.
III. The many ways in which goods and services are enhanced to satisfy customers.
IV. The cost of the product
I only
I and II only
I and III only
I, II and IV only
I, II, III and IV

John earns $50,000 per year. His taxes are $5,000 per year. He also spends $25,000 per year on necessities, and $15,000 per year on luxuries. He saves all of the rest. What is John’sdiscretionaryincome?
None of the above

The most common type of segmentation is
Geographic segmentation
Demographic segmentation
Place segmentation
Benefit segmentation
None of the above

Segmentation makes demand moreheterogeneous.

From a marketing perspective, which of the following isBEST? (This question can be tricky, and it requires some thought. Read it carefully.)
Being first in the marketplace
Having the best product
Being first in the mind
Having the largest marketing budget
Having the most features

The major disadvantage of concentrated target marketing is
Competitors may identify market segments
Lack of diversity in your target market
Extensive resources are required
Customers are unlikely to be satisfied
None of the above

Which of the following isnot a part of a company’s economic environment?
The price of its products
The unemployment rate among its target market
The national income in the countries in which it competes
The rate of change in currency values in its various markets
“Make a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” This statement is

The process of dividing a market into meaningful groups that are relatively similar and identifiable is called
Target marketing
None of the above

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