Subject: Business    / Marketing
Which of the following should be true for concentrated target marketing to be successful in the long run.

Special needs in a target market, and special knowledge by a marketer.

A wide diversity of consumer needs in the market.

Each individual customer has substantial, unique needs.

Little diversity in needs and wants in the market.

None of the above

According to the “marketing rules” we discussed in class, if you cannot be first in a product category,

Be the best

Set up a new category

Change your promotional campaign

Use price competition

Compete with the leader on a price basis.

Jane wants a spot on the women’s volleyball team at her school. She spends a great deal of time with the coach and the other players working to develop her skills, and plans to try out for the team next Spring. For Jane, the volleyball team could be considered to be a

Primary membership group

Secondary membership group

Primary aspirational group

Secondary aspirational group

Primary dissociative group

John makes $50,000 per year and spends $10,000 per year on his bachelor apartment. Jane lives in the same town and makes $100,000 per year. According to Engle’s laws, how much is she likely to spend per year on housing?





None of the above

The final stage in the consumer decision process is:


Purchase decision

Problem resolution

Alternative evaluation

None of the above

Channel intermediaries ___________ the number of transactions required to get products from producers to consumers.



do not affect

none of the above

In class, we viewed two advertising campaigns, one for “Taster’s Choice” and one for “Philips”. Which one was unsuccessful, and what was one reason why?

Phillips, because people thought the ads were for another brand.

Phillips, because people thought the ads were boring.

Taster’s Choice, because people thought the ads were for another brand.

Taster’s Choice, because people thought the ads were boring.

Taster’s Choice, because they focused on the wrong target market.

Promotion should be designed to inform and educate during which stage of the product life cycle?





none of the above

The symbolic part of a brand is specifically called a

brand name

brand mark



none of the above

Which type of consumer sales promotion generally results in the highest trial rate?






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