Pedigree Case Questions
Managerial Marketing 5070

In answering the questions for any case, DO NOT do any research on the company and its progress since the case was written. Only use the information presented in the case.

Case analyses should be approximately 4-5 double-spaced pages (you can write them single-spaced, but that is just a roundabout estimate of their length).

APA Style

Case 1 will be done on an individual basis.

The writing format of the cases should be in the format of answering the questions rather than the format of a "traditional" paper. So you can format the responses as simply answering the questions one by one. However, please make sure to list the questions above your answers. I know that might seem simplistic, but I think that it actually makes responses more focused and thought through, which sometimes gets lost when the cases are done in the format of a traditional paper.

The Guide to Writing A Case Analysis may also have some useful information regarding cases in general.

Case and Questions

1. Is dog food an attractive category? In answering this question, please consider category size and growth rates, competitive intensity, competitive shares, advertising spending, and trends.

2. The dog food category can be segmented in several ways. Please identify at least three ways the dog food category can be segmented and the implications for brand marketing.

3. A. Who are the influencers on brand purchasing and how has this changed?

B. Are there high or low levels of brand loyalty and why?

C. What is the implication of this for Pedigree?

4. In reviewing the Pedigree financial statements, how has the company been managing this brand?

5. A. What is the current positioning of Pedigree?

B. What, if any, are there issues with this positioning?

6. A. What options does Pedigree see moving forward?

B. What are the pros and cons of each?

C. What do you recommend and why?