Management Exercise
The CEO of Home Depot has appointed you to make recommendations and suggestions in order to get the company focused on his vision of customer service. You face the difficult task of changing the entire company's culture in order to focus the entire organization on the customer. How will you do it?

Read the Making a New Culture scenario.
After reviewing the scenario and studying Chapter 3, respond to the following two questions in an essay (introduction, body, and conclusion) format. Grading will be based on your ability to incorporate core ideas from the textbook and your ability to respond to each question in a detailed and structured manner.

Management Exercise Questions
Note: Minimum word count for each question is 200 to 250 words.

1. Based on the information provided in Chapter 3 of the textbook, define and discuss the three levels of organizational culture. In your view, what changes can be brought into the various levels of organizational culture at Home Depot?
2. Based on your review of the external environment of Home Depot, provide three recommendations to improve the company's culture in reference to customers.
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