Management and orgazation

Assessment-2 Group projectDue in Session-10Weighting 30% 1500 words, Due in Session - 10
(Presentation grade 10%; Report grade 15%; Individual grade based on peer evaluation 5%)
Each student will be required to present for equal amount (approximately) of time.Presented in class in session 10. Each student must also complete the peer evaluation form immediately after the presentation.
Task description
Form a group with a maximum of 4 students in session 2/3. Choose an organisation (profit making/ not for profit/ international) that you have access to- preferably an organisation where at least one group member works or has worked recently.
Prepare a report covering the following points:
?Provide a brief introduction to the organisation (it is acceptable to withhold the name of the organisation if necessary);
?Describe in detail how the chosen organisation is organised to achieve its purpose and objectives (aspects like, organisation structure, strategy, technology, power-control, environment and design options are worth considering);
?Draw an organisational chart reflecting the arrangement of this organisation;
?then suggest change program with regard to how it may be organised differently in order to become more effective and efficient.Please note you are not merely
being asked for a list of recommendations only!
You shall present your project to the class in session 10.The presentation should last for about15-20 minutes. Support your presentation with appropriate visuals such as PowerPoint slides/ videos etc.
A project report (group report) of 1500 words must be submitted immediately after the presentation. The submission folder will be locked at 11.59 pm on the day of presentation. Visual material used in the presentation may be included as an appendix.The reportmustbe correctly/adequately referenced using Harvard style.
Criteria for Assessment: Group report 15%
?The presence of an introduction to the organisation;
?demonstrated ability to analyse an organisation, its structure, strategy, technology,
power-control, environment and design options;
?Use of analysis in developing ‘change program’ and apparent efficacy of ‘change
?demonstrated ability to apply theoretical concepts to that organisation in order to
increase organisational effectiveness and efficiency;
?Clarity of expression;
?Correct presentation (format, completed and signed cover page, word count, line
spacing, spell check,use of in-text reference, completion of a full reference list at the end following Harvard style referencing).Criteria for assessment: Individual Presentation 10%
?Appropriate introduction and conclusion
?Demonstration of platform skills : posture, gesture, eye contact
?Logical arrangement and presentation of material
?Demonstration of understanding of the presentation material
?Handling questions and answers)
?Time Management
Criteria for assessment: Individual mark based on Peer Evaluation 5%
The Individual mark for peer evaluation will be based on a redistribution of the group marks achieved for theReportsegment. Redistribution is on the grounds ofpeer evaluation, according to the following criteria:
?Understanding of the task and topic;
?Industry and initiative;
?Dependability and integrity;
?Participation as a group member;
?Attendance at group activities. Late Submission of Assessment Tasks
Late submission of assignment without a valid reason shall be penalised @ 5% of the available marks per day.
Presentation of Academic Work
All assignments must to be submitted via 'Turn it in' using the Moodle learning system.