Subject: Business / Management
Focus on thoughts and reasoning rather than spelling and grammar. You will NOT be penalized for incorrect spelling or improper grammar or sentence structure. This is a Socratic exercise – an opportunity for you to think and express your thoughts. This assignment is a reflection of the degree to which you are engaged in the course material, and how well you learned the topics assigned this week. The emphasis of this assignment is synthesis – the connecting of dots – where you tie together in a meaningful way (1) the assigned readings and videos, (2) current business and world events, and (3) your previous knowledge and experience. There is no correct or incorrect answer, but rather YOUR answer, based on YOUR thoughts and understanding of the material/concepts. Please avoid trying to answer what others would say, or copying what someone else has thought or written. There are two fundamental mistakes students often make on these assignments: (1) simply rambling unsupported opinions, and (2) failing to apply one’s personal perspective (i.e. writing as if it were a research paper, with no personal perspective applied)

Question 1: Based on your experience, education (including the videos and materials assigned this week), and knowledge, how would you best incorporate the following concepts into your view of how to get the best performance out of an organization: Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Agency Problem.

Question #2: Briefly summarize and expand on Chapter #10 of the textbook (Business Ethics), but more importantly, share your thoughts and experience about business ethics? Do you feel a business’ primary responsibility is to make a profit, or do you feel there is some responsibility to do “good” and perform ethically to best serve society? Do you feel Apple is an ethical business? Use personal examples/experience of business ethics if you can.

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