Identify a current organization that is not, in your opinion, a Learning Organization. Your are to develop a presentation and supporting paper that will describe how, through a Systems View, the organization could have, or should be, run. Points to cover will include, but are not limited to:

-How should Systems Thinking have been, or should be, applied to make the organization salvageable.

-All Archetype relationships

-System Discipline correlations

-All organizational Learning Disabilities associated

-How do the Laws of the fifth Discipline apply to this organization?

-How should/could management have changed the business? (Personnel, resources, processes, culture, themselves (based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?))

Each section noted above will include a one page essay, APA format. Your essay corresponding to the section you are responsible for (70%)

-Your presentation materials (30%)
The_Laws_of_the_Fifth_Discipline.pdf (430.03 KB)
Systems_and_the_Fifth_Discipline(Learning_Disabilities).pptx (196.58 KB)
Senge_Archetypes.ppt (364.5 KB)
sys_archetypes.pdf (352.5 KB)
Presentation_Rubric_.pptx (65.1 KB)