A lockout amounts to a permanent closure of a plant to

A lockout amounts to a permanent closure of a plant to

A lockout amounts to a permanent closure of a plant to avoid unionization

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A lockout amounts to a permanent closure of a plant to avoid unionization

The National Labor Relations Act provides for injunctions for forestalling strikes when they threaten the national health or safety

A successor employer cannot be held liable for the remedy of an unfair practice committed by the old/previous employer

The Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Act (FSLMRA) created the National Labor Relations Board (NLRD) to administer the act

If an employer or a class of employers believes that the Occupational Safety and Health Act standard is inappropriate to its particular situation, an exemption, or variance, may be sought

Multiple Choice

Requirement of union shop agreement is that, after being hired by employer, employees should join union within:

A) Thirty days

B) Forty days

C) Forty five days

D) Sixty days

Under the NLRB, unfair labor practice strikes are

A) Personal activity

B) Protected activity

C) Criminal act

D) Not acceptable

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) provides for longer notice periods when the collective bargaining involves the employee of a(n)

A) Educational institution

B) Software company

C) Health-care institution

D) Law firm

As long as the parties bargain with an intention to find a basis of agreement, the breakdown or deadlock of negotiations is not a violation of the

A) Terms of agreement

B) Duty to bargain in good faith


D) Employment contract

Peaceful picketing is protected activity under the

A) Occupational Safety and Health Act

B) American Federation for Labor

C) U.S. Constitution

D) National Labor Relations Act

Which of the following is not a signification difference in labor relations in private and public sector employers?

A) Limits of constitutional provisions

B) Right to strike

C) Sovereignty

D) Appointment of bargaining unit

Congress has legislated a union members “bill of rights” to guarantee that union internal procedures are fair and has prohibited certain practices by unions that interfere with employees’ rights under the

A) Occupational Health and Safety Act

B) National Labor Relations Act

C) Sarbanes-Oxley Act

D) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Some union constitutions provide for review of complains of alleged mistreatment of union members by the

A) Employers

B) Union leaders

C) Individual employee

D) Government

Consultation rights entitle the union to be informed of any substantive change in employment conditions proposed by the

A) Secretary of Labor

B) Senate

C) Employer

D) Court

The government attempted to reduce poverty and bring the earnings to workers closer to the cost of living by regulating

A) Preferential tax

B) Overtime pay

C) Minimum wages

D) Workers’ compensation

Suzy Smart works part-time in the Handi Mart convenience store. The manager at Handi Mart requires that each clerk arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of the shift so that the clerk going off duty can review the sales figures and cash status with the replacement before leaving, but her extra fifteen minutes of working time was never recorded. Under which act can Suzy and her co-workers sue the store and the manager?

A) Fair Labor Standards Act

B) The Walsh-Healy Act

C) The Occupational Safety and Health Act

D) The Equal Pay Act