Write a 3-5 page paper on "The Factors Effecting the Location of Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities." PLEASE see attached research paper requirements before starting.
•	Factors effecting the location of manufacturing and warehousing facilities

The paper should be formatted as follows:
•	Double spaced, one inch margins all around, Times New Roman with a 12 font
•	Use a cover sheet with your name, date, course name, professor name, and topic (refer to the APA manual for additional information to be placed on the cover sheet).  Do not put a page number on the title sheet.
•	You must adhere to the APA manual, 6th edition format.  The body of the paper, not including your cover sheet and references, should be 3-5 pages.
•	As a MINIMUM, you are to cite at least 3 references/sources from academic publications.  Publications such as Time, US News & World, the New York Times, and Newsweek are NOT academic publications but they can be part of your literature review. 
•	Wikipedia should not be used, cited, or even mentioned - never.  It is not valid, reliable, nor considered credible by any academic institution.

You must provide citations to support your statements. Unsupported opinions and generalizations are not sufficient justification for objectively analyzing and evaluating the issues.  The utilization of logistics policy concepts from the textbook, research articles, and classroom discussion are mandatory regardless of the options you choose.  The purpose of this requirement is to demonstrate your comprehension of the global logistics process. 

Your analysis must be both reasonable and objective.  Do not submit a one-sided argument that omits any likely evidence that conflicts with your evaluation.  Do not be biased by your emotions.  Instead, concentrate on offering a balanced analysis and evaluation of the issues.  Phrases such as, "I think," "I feel," and "I believe," have no application to analysis at the college-level and must be avoided.  

Make sure you cite all sources you used, even if you paraphrase another author’s work.