You are living in Arizona during the time period

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You are living in Arizona during the time period discussed in Chapter 8, “The Turbulent Times.” For this assignment, you are to select one of the three options below. Write a paper that is at least two pages and no longer than four pages in length. Double space the paper, and, remember, spelling and grammar do count. It is important that you demonstrate mastery of the English language across the curriculum. Also use a 12-point font. Send it as an attachment to Message Center. Please either send it in Word or in rich text format (rtf).At the top of your paper, clearly indicate which one of the three topic options you have chosen-A, B, or C. Directions for submission follow.

It is recommended that you not conduct outside research for this essay, but, if you do, be sure to include the full, accurate reference of the web site, book, and/or article. The instructor is interested in reading your innovative, detailed, and personalized observations, not those of any history content expert. Be sure, though, to substantiate your opinions and impressions with specific, supporting illustrations so that the reader can easily visualize what you describe.


Compose a letter to a friend or a relative who is living somewhere “back East” describing what daily life is like. This should be seen from the eyes of the “character” you are, whether a male or a female, and the strata of society in which you lived as well as the part of Arizona in which you lived. Give a firsthand account of life during the Indian Wars. How did they affect you? What stories did you hear? Remember, this is a letter and it should be formatted accordingly with a salutation (e.g., Dear XXX), body, and a closing (e.g., Love always, XXX).


You are a reporter sent by your magazine, Harper’s Weekly, to cover the Indian Wars. Compose a magazine article which will be read nationwide. Remember that your magazine’s goal is to sell issues. You want to keep your readers interested in the topic, yet keep it factual. All skillful reporters include the 5 Ws and 1 H of the story-the who, what, when, where, why, and how.


You are a reporter for the New York Times covering the Civil War. Compose your story about the Civil War in Arizona. As a skillful reporter, include the 5 Ws and 1 H of the story-the who, what, when, where, why, and how. This will be a front page story, so make it “readable” and include specific aspects of the war out West that you think will make interesting reading.

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