Your assignment will be to choose an article relating to your research paper. This assignment is to be a building block for the research paper.  Choose an article that has to do with the speech language procedures being applied to your client in therapy. You will write a one page (single spaced) summary.   Please submit your paper through Safe Assign to rule out plagiarism before submitting.  Points for the paper will be as follows:

·        Name of intervention program, Author(s), Type of Approach (clinician directed…), and the Disorder area(s) and age group(s) the program is designed for. 

·       Research Overview: Provide a brief overview of the research that is available on your intervention topic and the effectiveness of the program (according to published research) .

 10 points

·        Clinical Application:  Identify and describe the procedures that are used in this program including the Prompts/cues (speech-language procedures), Activities, and Materials utilized.  The Clinical Application of the information is emphasized in this section.

·       Conclusions: Your paper should conclude with an analysis of the program.  How easy/difficult was the program to research?  Were procedures clearly outlined?  Were materials easy to locate and produce?  What are the benefits and limitations of this approach?  Are there research studies supporting the effectiveness of this program?

10 points

·       Writing Quality:  Proofreading, organizational quality, adheres to length restriction, submitted to Safe Assign as required.  Accurate use of APA citation format in the text and reference list.  Do not use headings in the paper.

5 points

·       Total: 25 points

My client has severe Brocas Aphasia with moderate oral and verbal apraxia . so pick an intervention topic that is good for this disorder and write about it as asked in the guidelines.