Section 1 what is marketing?

1. Marketers try to figure out ___________ want and then try to figure out how to provide it and make money doing so

2. Which of the following is NOT part of the 5Cs?

3. The 4Ps include all of the following EXCEPT?

4. B2B marketers have said there are three kinds of purchases-new buy, modified rebuy, and ____________

5. Which approach assumes that a customer would compare all of the possible brands along with the attribute or dimension that is most important to them?

6. Brian’s boss is explaining the concept of buying centers in B2B marketing. His boss indicates that with complicated business purchases, it’s not one person making the decision and that each purchase involves different roles. The VP says that the person who first kicks off the process is the _________

Section 2 Marketing Segmentation

7. Instead of trying to appeal to the entire marketplace, smart marketers and smart companies will try to find out?

8. ___________ mean that each customer serves as his or her own segment. This approach sounds appealing from the customer point of view because the product would be tailored specially for each person’s idiosyncratic desires.

9. The contrast between mass marketing and one-to-one marketing illustrates that segments become more _____ as they increase in size

10. _________is a type of segmentation in which the company strategically focuses on targeting a smaller market with particular needs that the company can serve well

11. The fact that snow blowers tend to sell better in the north than in the south illustrates the importance of considering _______ in marketing planning

12. A popular tool for segmenting that uses psychographic data, and that is based on the belief that one’s attitudes and value system determine one’s orientation to certain products and/or brands is called

13. ________ are important because they help us make predictions regarding future purchasing

14. Knowledge of the __________ clearly enters into the decision of which segments the company should eventually target

15. The ideal goal for the marketer is to find a (n) _____ group of customers whose needs they can easily and profitably meet

Section 3 Channels of Distribution & Business Marketing Networks and Logistics

16. Selling Company procedures its product in batches of 100, yet its average customer only purchases ten at a time. In order to encourage sales, Selling Company must make its product available to sold in smaller batches. This process is known as

17. The upstream partners that a company has to deal with are its suppliers, also known as the

18. The downstream partners that help a company reach consumers comprise the

19. Tech Gadgets Co. distributes complex and relatively expensive goods with customers typically requiring assistance before purchasing. The channels for these types of products are often structured to be

20. The extreme case of selectivity is the

21. _______ Strategies are incentives a manufacturer offers to its distribution partners such as dealers, wholesalers, retailers, and the like to sell products to the end-users

22. Giant Grocery Retailer requests the Giant Food Products package its product differently so it fits better on store shelves. Giant Food Products agrees to this request because Giant Grocery Retailer represents a significant percentage of its overall sales, and they want to keep the relationship positive. In this scenario, what type of power is Giant Grocery Retailer exhibiting?

23. Bling, Inc., produces jewelry that it sells to retail jewelry stores. One of Bling’s customers is Ice Jewels, a chain of jewelry stores with locations in dozens of malls across the U.S. Both Bling, Inc., and Ice Jewels want to make a profit off the merchandise manufactured by Bling, Inc. This scenario is best described as

24. Toy World is a small chain of stores focusing on children’s toys and apparel. The company is considering multiple growth strategies. Which of the following is a viable strategy for the growth of Toy World?

25. Franchising has two major classes; one is business format franchising. What is the other one?

26. Two major issues make up the essence of the sales force: How many salespeople should we have, and

Section 4 Marketing Research Tools

27. The smartest marketers are always monitoring the

28. Which is NOT one of the 3 steps in the marketing research process?

29. A cluster analysis helps identify

30. In an attribute-based approach, a map created from attributes would involve customer

31. With respect to perceptual maps, the method known as MDS stands for

32. Typically, a focus group should include

33. Conjoint studies are run to understand how consumers make

34. Which one of the following is NOT something one can gather from a customer satisfaction survey?

35. ___________ are simple techniques used to study patterns of interconnected “actors”. An actor is some agent, such as a consumer, or a firm, a department within a firm, or even a partner in a supply chain.

Section 5 Marketing Strategy

36. Market strategies have two specific considerations. Which of these is NOT one of those considerations?

37. A brand with small share in a market that is not growing is called a

38. Apple’s IPod brand has a relatively large share in a growing market, and thus is best classified as a

39. Which of the following is NOT a description of a kind of company?

40. Kenneth is convinced that many indicators of his company’s success exist, but is unsure of how to critically evaluate and link these factors. Kenneth should consider establishing a ________ to gauge his company’s performance

41. Which is NOT one of the four classes of goals?

42. Bill advises Mary that there are essentially three strategies to achieving goals. Assuming Bill is correct, how would you describe these three strategies