One of the newest additions to the professional sales staff has come to you with a problem, help him
solve the legal and ethical issues involved to help him be successful. His clients are Ann and Rory
Terry as a new sales associate has no sooner started with the brokerage than he receives a call from
a friend who leaves the following message on his phone:
“Hi Terry, this is Ann, we want you to list our house as we know you will do a great job. But I
need you to give my sister-in-law half the commission since she is a realtor as well and will be
showing the house occasionally in her spare time. Also, it might be old, but it is a great 2600
square foot home, and we think we can get about $70,000 more than other houses on the
block because we have a pool in the backyard.
So we want to come in and talk with you about the listing and bring our son, who is an
appraiser with us. We want to use him for the appraisal on this. Of course we’ll probably take
some fixtures with us. In fact, we got a possible deal already in a way through an associate of
Rory’s (the homeowner) at work, but he does not want to deal in cash. We want an all cash
deal so we can move to the Southport area, which is, as you know, just the place to be.
If you do a good job, which we know you will, we would be interested in your helping us with
the purchase of that future home as well….Oh, I forgot to mention, if you can recommend our
son to do some appraisals for you, he’ll refer some clients your way as well. Anyway, I’ve got to
go right now, so I am leaving this message…Talk to you soon!