law (legal environment of business)

4-In February 1998, Sutton Moore fell through a deck when he was visiting Jonathan and Kelly Hambrick. Moore was a guest of the Hambricks, who rented a house owned and maintained by Dennis Huard and his spouse. The Huards indicated that they maintained the deck regularly, having replaced rot-ten posts in 1995 and a broken step in 1997. The Hambricks had not noticed or reported any prob-lems with the deck. Moore sued the Huards for negligence. What duty do the Huards, as landlords, owe to Moore, guests of the tenants? Who won? [ Moore v. Huard, No. 31907- 1- II, Slip. Op. ( Wash. App. Div. 2, 2006).]
5-Hermes Reyes was injured when he was visiting his daughter at a summer rental property in 2003. When opening a sliding door and moving onto a deck, Reyes lost his balance and fell, sustain-ing injury. He contended that he lost his balance because there was an unexpected six- and- a- half-inch drop to the deck. Reyes brought suit against both the landlord ( Egner) and the company that managed the property for the landlord ( Pruden-tial Fox & Roach Realtors).