LAN/WAN Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide

You have been tasked with creating an overall LAN/WAN Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide for a medium-sized business with locations as follows:
Location 1, New York State – 100 users
Location 2, Pennsylvania – 200 users, servers that host email, collaboration tools, and the ERP/CRM system
Location 3, California – 50 users
All with the capability to work from home
You will create a portion of this guide each week, with the final documents due in Week Five.
For Week Four, write a 2- to 3-page proposal using Microsoft® Word for how you would monitor and manage the network connectivity between the sites. The proposal should
include the following:
An accurate account of at least two monitoring tools you could use
An accurate description of at least two metrics and thresholds you would report on
A proposal of how you would configure and verify device-monitoring protocols using an example from one of the Practice Labs and providing insights on how to reasonably
interpret the results from the tool
Research two different network analyzer applications, one that’s a commercial (paid) product, and one that’s an open-source (free) product.
Write a 1- to 2-page comparison using Microsoft® Word. Include the following:
Outline at least three features and benefits of each product
Make a logical recommendation for which Network Analyzer you would choose for a small network consulting organization