This is your last case analysis/group research assignment for this course. You still have the KM Evaluation Project to finish by the date described in the Schedule and Deadlines Page. You will continue to work in the groups that were formed in Group Assignment #1.

The emphasis of this assignment is on KM tools and portals and how these are implemented and evaluated. These have been discussed in several of the course modules. This group assignment includes 3 research based essays.

The total number of pages for this assignment is a minimum of 15 for all 3 essays combined.

Essay #1: Discuss why company implementing KM find a need for one or more portals? Give examples and uses of portals for B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C, and C2G. You may also include the definitions and provide your findings in an organized table. This essay should be no more than 5 pages long (font size 12, 1.5 lines space).