Kinesic interviewing
Directions: Read the questions below and provide a thorough response in your own words using proper APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Your answer to each question should be at least two paragraphs in length composed of five to seven sentences.  Please provide examples from books, required videos, or required Web resources, if applicable.
1.      Explain why no single kinesic behavior, verbal, or nonverbal, proves a person is truthful or deceptive.
2.      Explain how behaviors must be relatively consistent when the stimuli are repeated.
3.      Why must an interviewer establish what the normal is, or constant, of behavior for each subject?
4.      Explain what an investigator should look for in a subject’s constant behavior.
5.      Explain why a subjects behavior is only reliable for diagnosing deception only if they appear in clusters.
6.      Explain why a subjects behavior that is significant must be timely.
7.      Why should an interviewer monitor his own behaviors in order to avoid contamination of the subject’s behavior?
8.      Why is observing and interpreting behaviors hard work?
9.      Why is kinesic interviewing not as reliable with some groups as with the general population?
10.    Explain how the Five Stress Response States play a role in interviewing.