kaplan MM250 Unit 3 and unit 4 discussion

kaplan MM250 Unit 3 and unit 4 discussion


Unit 3

Discussion topic:

In your initial post, compose a probability question about this group of people. Do not answer your own question, however in your response posts, you will answer your classmates' questions. For instance: if I choose a person at random from the above group, what’s the probability that they are wearing a skirt? (simple probability) OR How many different five person subcommittees can be formed from the people in this group (combination problem) OR If I choose one person as the Line Leader, one person as the Paper Passer and one person as the Window Closer, how many different permutations can I make for those three positions? (permutation problem).

Unit 4


Discussion topic #1:The relational database model was created by E.F. Codd in 1969 and is founded on set theory and logic. Research the topic relational databases. How are the concepts of sets utilized in database queries?

Discussion topic #2:Compose a problem that involves 3 related sets and provide enough information so that a Venn Diagram can be drawn. Ask two questions that can be answered with this information (to be answered by your classmates in their response posts).Note:You do not need to actually draw the tree, although you are free to draw it by hand and scan it in.