JRSM 301 – Describe how early anthropologists like Johann

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions
Read chapters 4 – 7 inSkull Wars, and watchIn the White Man’s Image and answer the following questions in a few paragraphs each.

1. Describe how early anthropologists like Johann Blumenbach and Samuel George Morton sought to use scientific methods to “prove” the existence of different races. How was their ranking of racial abilities used to justify the enslavement of black Africans as well as Indian removal policy?

2. Briefly describe how American museums like the Smithsonian and Peabody acquired their skeleton collections in the nineteenth century. Then consider how this history might impact the way that many Native Americans feel about scientists today.

3. Describe some of the strategies that Pratt pioneered to transform Indians into “white people”, in both his “prisoner experiment” and subsequent Indian Boarding Schools.