ITSD325 Unit 3IP New

ITSD325 Unit 3IP New

Paper instructions:
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Deliverable Length: Word Document (2-3 additional pages), Project Zip file.
Requirements have now been established, and your attention can now turn to the implementation of the e-commerce Web site. Creation of an entire e-commerce Web site is a large task, but the proper selection of the tools used to develop these kinds of sites can reduce the effort significantly. In addition, focus on one key element of the overall system that can offer unique insights into the work that would be involved in the overall implementation.

For this project, you will use either Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio. Both products can be obtained free of charge from the Microsoft Web site. If you already have the full versions of either of these products, they can be used, but the free, Express editions can also be used. If you have not installed Microsoft Visual Studio Software in a prior course, follow these instructions for installation steps.

For this project, you will create the shell Web site for the e-commerce system, and you will provide a basic implementation of one key element. This is a big project, so an early start is strongly encouraged.

The project deliverables are as follows:

Update the E-Commerce Implementation Plan document title page with a new date and project name.

Update previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback.

Shell Creation:
*Create a new Web site using either Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio.
*Add pages for each of the main parts of the Web site (most of the pages only need basic content, such as a title and short descriptive paragraph of the function of the page).
*Add a functional navigation system to all pages.

Key Element Implementation:
*Select 1 of the key elements of the system for implementation (such as catalog display, payment, etc.).
*Implement the functionality of the selected element.
*Implementation must only be rudimentary, and shortcuts can be made. For example, the display of the product catalog and selection of items to place in a shopping cart.
*Note: It will be a very good idea to confer with your instructor on your plan for a key element implementation before you begin any coding to ensure that your plan falls within the desired scope of the assignment.

Implementation Documentation:
*In the Implementation section of the E-commerce Implementation Plan document, discuss the implementation.
*Describe the selected element functionality and how the code works.
*Include any information that is required to successfully demonstrate the implemented functionality.

Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.

Name the document as follows: RhajadeRose_ITSD325_IP3.doc

Zip all of the Web site project files as

Submit the document and zipped project for grading.
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