In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that includes slides and a voice recording the presents your information. You need to present your information as if you were presenting to the organization/person that developed the application you are evaluating. The presentation must show and explain your recommendations for improvement for the application’s interface.
You notice that an application you use regularly has a place for suggestions on its Web site.
Choose an application you use regularly (it could be open or closed source, commercial or freeware).
Evaluate the UI for novice users based on each of the concepts below. You could choose from the actual application, the installation, or the uninstallation (or any combination of these):
Animation transitions
Create a presentation with 10 or more slides and a voice recording, showing and explaining the improvements you suggest. Include the following:
A title slide
An introduction slide
Recommendations for UI improvements using at least 3 of following 5 methods:
For each of the recommended UI improvements, do the following:
Include a screenshot of the UI.
Describe what should be changed.
Explain why each change is necessary.
An effective conclusion
Sources cited properly in APA format (including images)