Interview someone of different religion OR go to a service/session

Subject: Business / Management
A) Interview someone of different religion OR go to a service/session of another religion/denomination; ask about their beliefs, customs and traditions.

In 300-500 words, post your response to the following:

Post your findings and discuss how these practices, customs, and traditions might impact or create a conflict in the workplace. Give specific examples.

As an HR manager, how would you handle conflict arising from, or a request to accommodate, these practices, customs, and/or traditions you have discovered in the interview? Give specific examples.

B ) You are all employed in the HR Department of the Pacific Financial Services (PFS). The company is centralized and all decisions with respect to hiring, promotion, recruiting and all personnel matters are made at headquarters. You have approximately 300 employees across the country. Some of the offices are in small towns and others are in larger cities/towns serving diverse clients and most of the employees have extensive contact with clients. The company provides financial investment services to high income earners and you are now seeking to expand those services to blue collar workers and other non-traditional investors, including Hispanics and new immigrants.

It has come to your attention that one of your employees, John Thompson, who works in one of the small, fairly conservative towns has informed his supervisor, Michael Zelo, that he is in the process of becoming Jane Thompson and will gender transition (re-assignment) in the next year to reflect his gender identity based upon recommendation of his doctor. John will start hormone treatments and will also change his name to Jane during this process. John also wants to inform his colleagues and clients of his trans status. John has extensive contact with clients and is also a Unit Leader. As such he conducts training in the community on investment and attends community events on behalf of the company. The State in which his office is located does not provide protection based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Michael is not happy about John’s decision and informs John that this will cause problems and frankly, he is not sure how it will work out. Michael asks John to reconsider and sets up a follow-up meeting. Michael is concerned about the negative impact the transition will have not only on clients, but the small office environment as a whole. He thinks that John will not fit in the office and will be unable to lead the unit not only during the transition process but also after he has completed the gender re-assignment. Michael contacts you about the issue he is facing because PFS does not have a policy on this or on sexual orientation issues. Michael wants to demote John to protect the interests of the company as it seeks to expand its services.

As an HR Team, your task is to consider all the facts and provide recommendation to the CEO of PFS, and ultimately Michael Zelo. The CEO asks the HR team to draft a memorandum with a recommendation to include the following:

a) Challenges/barriers that Jane, the company and Michael’s office will face during the transition period;

The PROS and CONS of implementing such a policy on this issue;

b) Recommendation on whether or not to implement a policy or to support Michael’s decision to demote John. If you do not recommend such policy outline specific reasons against the policy.

c) If you recommend implementing a policy, identify what policies can be implemented to support Jane in the workplace?

d ) If there are disagreements among group members about how the HR Department should handle the situation, please include those in the group’s final response;

Please research the issue of transgender discrimination in preparation for this response and cite your resources where appropriate.

500-750-word limit

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