International business desertation proposal

International business desertation proposal

International business desertation proposal

Topic: international business desertation proposal

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Preferred language style: English (U.K.)
the structure of the proposal is to be:
1- TOPIC :Analytical study of midrar capital holdings MCH sports investment business plans in India

2.1 Aim
2-2 objectives
literature review
literature on main theoretical
literature on chosen sector
research methodology
methods of analysis and presentation of data
resources required

the information about midrar capital holdings company will be uploaded for you
please add these objectives to the objectives that you are going to write in the propsal. (so these are additional to your objectives)
(This study will show why Midrar Capital Holdings, a Jordanian based company is investing in a sports retailing in India and how can they achieve their goal?
This study will examine the investment climate, cultural and social acceptance of self defense and martial arts in their local community).
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Customer at January 20 5:25 I sent to you by mistake the wrong structure of my proposal and this is the struture of my proposal which you should use:
1.0Topic: Analytical study of MCH( midrar capital holdings) sports investment business plans in India
2.0Focus :

Organisational culture as stated by Jonson, Scholes and Whittington (2008, p. 189) is a set of assumptions, beliefs and norms that are shared by members of an organisation that operate unconsciously (day to day).about 500 WORDS
4.0Literature Review

4.1Literature on Main Theoretical / Conceptual Framework : About 800 WORDS.

4.2 Literature on Chosen Sector:

5.0Research Methodology
5.1Research design:Phenomenological
5.2 Research data type:Triangulation
5.3Research methods:interviews, documentary analysis.

Methodological Triangulation:

Unstructured or in- depth interviews:

Closed question questionnaire: 150.
Analysing data:
Information will be analysed after has been collected using statistical methods. Data is also will be classified in tables. After that, outcomes will be compared in relation to the literature review.
6.0Ethical consideration regarding research ;
Time scale:

February 2011 * To read around literature review linked to dissertation subject
* To meet with supervisor
* To work on introduction

March 2011* To meet with supervisor
* To make literature review search (journals, books, articles)
7.0 Resources Required.
and also this information could help you:

Midrar Sports Media & Marketing Private Limited (MSI) is a subsidiary of Midrar Capital Holdings. The company has been formed to emphasize the vision of the Chairman, MCH HH Alsharif Mohammed of entering the Indian Sports market and to capitalize on MCH’s access to sports properties and allied services. MCH’s interest focuses at entry into the huge Indian market in the Combat Sports & Fitness sector.
From late 2009 until now some key developments have taken place; India successfully hosted the Commonwealth Games which brought focus on the state of Sports and infrastructure in the country; In spite of setbacks and controversies Indian sportsmen and athletes are increasingly performing well at the international level in diverse sports – Boxing, wrestling, shooting, Lawn Tennis, Badminton and many others, this is further spawning and spurring development of sports and talent; media and sponsorship activity etc
In October, 2009 India was identified as a market of high interest for Midrar Sports and MCH ventures by the Chairman and accordingly the CEO maintained a high level of alertness for opportunities
A Sports Goods Trading Division has been formed to enter the merchandise and gear segment within the Combat Sports sector. MCH an official distributor in India for the Adidas branded Boxing & Combat merchandise and gear line which was secured form Sportsforall, Beirut who are the regional distributors appointed by Double D, Paris – the global licensee for Adidas Boxing & Combat range.
The company’s objective is to become the only official distributor for Adidas Boxing & Combat line in India. Expand to neighboring countries in 2012
After long market study and consultations MCH has compiled a business plan and a strategy to enter the sports retail business in India.

The goal of this study is to demonstrate Midrar Capital Holdings/ India interest in investment in the Indian sports retail and fitness market, and MCH/ India market entry strategy and success factors to introduce genuine Adidas martial arts and boxing gear and branded sports merchandise and gear to the Indian market in addition to MCH/India ambitions to open sports fitness centers throughout India.
The benefits of this project are two; firstly: it will allow the exploration of actual feasibility of doing a sports retail business in India, and secondly: outline the company’s ambitious objective to become the only official distributor for Adidas Boxing & Combat gear line in India, and then to expand to neighboring countries in 2012.

Investment environment in India :
The combination of the economic development and deregulation taking place in India will continue to give rise to new markets, and companies will emerge and create opportunities for further growth. A long-term investment approach is an effective way to capitalize on India’s economic evolution. Globalization will continue to boost the importance of international markets, particularly in emerging economic powers like China and India. India like any emerging market investment involves many risks like political, social, economic, and currency risks as compared to those of developed markets. This research paper analyzes the investment opportunities and associated risks for Midrar Capital Holdings investment in India.

*Sports Culture in India

*To understand the management of the company, its expansion goals, growth strategies

*Challenges and competitive strength in the sports retailing business in India

*A complete analysis of its business plan model
The company’s business plan analysis to be included in the thesis will be:
(1)MCH/ India executive summary (2) market analysis (3) company description (4)organization and management (5) marketing and sales management (6)service or product line (7) constrains and (8) conclusion These topics represent requirements of the suggested study by MCH to start its investment.

Financial analysis for the business plan will not be included as part of the thesis due to company confidentiality policy.

Sports and Fitness are important in Indian culture, due to the Physical Education program in Indian Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Sport in India includes – Cricket, Chess, Badminton, Field Hockey, Tennis, Association Football, and Golf. Field Hockey is the national Sport in India, in which the country has an impressive record with 8 Olympic gold medals. Other popular Sports are Football, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, and Badminton and many people make an emotional investment in their favorite spectator sports. Cricket is the most popular Sport in India. After the 1982 Asian Games hosted in New Delhi, India, the capital city now has modern sports facilities. Such facilities are also being developed in other parts of the country. Besides sports and games included in the international sporting agenda, there are many which have developed indigenously.

In East Asian countries like China, Australia and India, development of sports infrastructure is one of the key responsibilities of the government. Government policies directly or indirectly impact the development of sports in any country.

Sports in most countries have an association or a federation which is also responsible for the development and promotion of that particular sport. These federations work closely with the government for the development of infrastructure, administration, training, facility management and participation of sportsperson in international events.
They are also responsible for equipment procurement. At the global level, there are international federations for different sports which not only set the standards and rules of the game but also have specific criteria for recognizing sports equipment.

Cultural differences are one of the main reasons for the unsuccessful, unpredictable, and insufficient business being conducted in the region. Most of the businesses around the world are aware of culture differences and its influence on doing business.
With privatization and commercialization of sports, the private sector is playing a key role in promotion, training and marketing of sports. They own sports clubs, teams, etc., and
contribute to development of sports infrastructure, and play a crucial role in selection of
sports brands.

Sports retailing is a niche segment of retailing in India. Retailing in this segment is complex since it requires coordination with Indian government, federations, sports sponsors, clubs, etc. apart from understanding the consumers’ profile. It also requires coordination at the grass-root level like working with schools for sports equipment and shoes. In spite of these complexities this is one of the fastest growing segments of retailing and many global brands and Indian corporate have entered into this segment. The Indian government has expressed willingness to allow FDI (foreign direct investment) in multi-brand retailing in selected sectors including sports. Unlike sectors like food and grocery this is a less sensitive sector for allowing FDI. In the recent years, India is hosting a large number of international events.

Recent trends indicate that with the boom in the consumer markets professional sports marketing and events management is becoming more and more active as a channel for brands and products driving sponsorships; there is also an increasing demand for sporting entertainment & fitness solutions driving media activity and consumer spending. Sports entertainment, media and marketing is already a multibillion dollar industry in India and growing

With all things considered Midrar Capital Holdings / India an investing company with home offices in Jordan is taking advantage of the favorable business climatic conditions and improvements in the Indian infrastructure, increased consumer spending to expand its operation in the sports retail business in India with an ambition to be a leader in Adidas Martial Arts and combat sports gear retailer in India with an expected profit turn over during the first year.
In this thesis I will demonstrate the marketing entry strategy on MCH/India and its business plan for success.
Any successful business knows and understands their customers ‘needs, can assess the competition, markets their products and services well, innovates and quickly adapts to changes in the environment. A sufficient and successful business plan is a document that conveys the exciting prospects and growth potential of your company (Deloitte & Touch, 2003) or is
required whenever money is to be raised for a new or existing business (Blackwell, 2008).`

A Business plan has identifiable topics that are required to effective and they are:
executive summary, market analysis, company description, organization and management, marketing and sales management, service or product line, funding request, financials and an appendix. Each topic contains several sub-topics that breakdown the business plan and provide a complete picture to the reader whether they are a potential investor, loan originator, or prospective employee.
These topics for MCH/ India will be thoroughly examined in this thesis.

In performing my research, factors that support the feasibility of a sports gear retail business and fitness centers in India have been collected from various sources on the internet and information given by MCH
Scope of work:

1-Indian investment climate overview
2-Structure of Sports Federations in India

3-Analysis of MCH approach to gather market data on the investment climate for sports gear retailing and merchandizing in India and the feasibility of introducing a new brand name in the Boxing and MMA sports market retailing.

1-Analysis of the market research steps for MCH for the Indian market:
Phase 1: Objectives & Criteria for Selection of Marketing Consultant for MCH/India
Phase 2: MCH/India Market research procedures

2-MCH business plan

4-Policies Relating to Manufacturing and Retailing
5-Sporting Goods Retailing in India
6-Sports goods manufacturing data
7-Consumers behavior and sports outlet retailers services
8-Barriers to Sports Retailing in India
9-Business model
This paper will demonstrate MCH/India business plan to enter the Indian sports retailing and fitness centers in India taking advantage of a favorable business climatic investment opportunities
in India. It will also look at the sports retailing business in India in general highlighting the opportunities and constraints and recommendations. Customer at January 19 21:07 please add these objectives to the objectives that you are going to write in the propsal. (so these are additional to your objectives)
(This study will show why Midrar Capital Holdings, a Jordanian based company is investing in a sports retailing in India and how can they achieve their goal?
This study will examine the investment climate, cultural and social acceptance of self defense and martial arts in their local community).
thank you

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