The course is Information Technology. The subject of paper is Security issues, problems and solutions in organizational IT systems. The outline and draft is due this sunday june 15th. The final is due Saturday june 28th.

BUS 570 – Information Technology Research Paper - 40%
You will prepare and submit a research paper on any of a series of topics posed by the instructor or the student can propose their own.
You must support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited. The paper will be 15 -20 pages in length (not including title and reference page). The papers must be formatted according to APA 6th Edition standards including the title and reference page.
Papers MUST include the following sections:
1. Title Page: Include name, paper title, course title, instructor’s name, and date.
2. Abstract: Not more than 120 words
3. Introduction: Discuss the purpose of the paper in succinct, declarative sentences. The introduction should offer a preview of the paper, its value, and be based upon the concepts studied in the course.
4. Discussion Content: This section should include 3 elements: 1) a brief examination of the issue, concept, or consequences of actions taken, 2) the concepts or theoretical applications that pertain to this topic, and 3) a discussion of your position on this topic, supporting your argument from the text or other appropriate sources. It is highly recommended you make use of appropriate headings to guide your reader.
5. Conclusion: Include a summative paragraph which includes a restatement of key points in your discussion.
6. References: A minimum of four academic references per page (not including your text) MUST be used to support your discussion. Document all sources according to APA style.
The research paper activity will consist of four parts:
1. The Assignment Proposal- 5%
Students should research the literature and interview people who are involved in projects at their workplace if possible. Students should prepare a comprehensive paper of 15 - 20 pages (APA format) on their findings. The paper should propose a fictional company then incorporate their findings from their interview and research and justify a business case for the use of the technology.
Suggested topics: (Students may suggest their own)
• Advertising on the Web: options and trends
• Search engine optimization, use and strategies
• Security issues, problems and solutions in organizational IT systems
• Legal and technical problems and solutions in medical IT systems
• Security on the Internet: problems and solutions
• Facilitation of collaborative work using IT systems
• Using virtual reality in businesses
• A case study: a successful strategic IT system
• A case study: a failed IT development project
• Customer privacy issues
• Challenges and solutions using social media
• Data mining
• RFID: trends and challenges
2. Annotated Outline and Bibliography - 10%
An annotated bibliography is a summary and evaluation of the sources you will be using in your research paper. This is the best method of assembling all your sources and preparing to write your paper.
However, what helps even more is to first create an annotated outline where your sections and headings are listed and the sources to support each sections are also listed.
These are example and instructions for creating annotated bibliographies.
• OWL at Purdue:
• Bethel University Library:
However, before creating your annotated bibliography you should create the outline of your paper with annotations.
This is an example of an annotated outline.
Create an annotated outline for your final paper and include an annotated bibliography for all the sources you will use in the paper. This paper should follow APA guidelines and be formatted as in the example provided.
Please see the Annotated Bibliography assignment to view the rubric for this activity.
3. Project Draft - 10%
Your paper should be almost complete. Perhaps a few sections are not fully complete but the paper should at this point start to have logic and flow and to exhibit higher-order thinking and analysis. No abstract is necessary at this stage since an abstract is usually written last, but all your sources should be properly referenced using APA format.
Please see the Research Paper Rubric assignment to view the rubric for this activity
4. Final Paper-15%
Your paper should now be complete. Please check for spelling and grammatical errors. All sources should be properly cited using appropriate sources. The papers must be formatted according to APA 6th Edition standards including the title and reference page.
Please see the Research Paper Rubric assignment to view the rubric for this activity