Final Case Guidelines
Description: Write a 5 page description and analysis of a topic of information systems management in an organization. 
•	Identify a topic or issue of current interest related to the course. 
•	Learn how to search Library Catalogs, Databases and the Internet. 
•	Evaluate the information, summarize it, analyze it and synthesize it developing critical thinking skills
•	Present the information in a professional manner using effective writing skills
•	Use the case analysis rubric and guidelines to write a case 
Your final case should have 3 parts
Part 1: Identify and describe the organization and why and what information technology issues and problems it is having. The organization may be one you or someone you know may be working at, or any organization about which you can find information online or in newspapers or magazines. These can relate to changing infrastructure, implementing a new application, outsourcing, or anything else you can think of. Then describe the information system issues related to the organization. (1-1.5 pages)
Part 2: In the second part, analyze the issues/problems/contexts in the organization in terms of the frameworks/concepts and theories presented in the book. If you are writing about a problem/issue in an organization that may already have been resolved, you need to set aside the actions that an organization has already taken to resolve the issue (whether successfully or unsuccessfully) and look at the issue with fresh eyes. Analyze the problem, find alternatives and evaluate them. Make sure that you include the actual decision that the organization has already implemented as one of the alternatives in case analysis. 
References: If you are using data from the Internet or secondary sources and not from personal experience, gather and list at least five sources of information about the organization. Use APA citation guidelines. External references may be used in the second part of the paper to discuss the theories and models, in addition to the concepts that are already included in the book. 
Part 3: A 3-5 minute multimedia briefing of the case using any of the following tools Xtranormal, powtoon , GoAnimate, animoto, Prezi. If all else fails use a narrated PowerPoint. 
Some useful sources of information
1.	Wired magazine website ( 
2.	 eweek magazine (
3.	Enterprise Matters (
4.	IT Insider (
5.	Enterprise Irregulars (
6.	 IT Project Failures (
7.	 Supply Chain Management Review (
8.	Supply Chain Digest (
9.	Supply Chain Digital (
Grading Rubric

	Content (65 points)	
 A	B	C 
Relevant information described. Irrelevant information avoided. Information and Opinions are distinct, information is
factually correct and verified   15 points	Information repeated. Non relevant information included. Information mixed with analysis and opinion
10 points	Repetitive. No separation between opinion and fact. Too much information not relevant to the context of the example 
7 points  
Great identification of issues and  discussion relevant to the issues identified
 35 points
	Adequate identification and discussion. Discussion does not deal adequately with critical issues 
30 points	Issues not identified or discussed properly. Discussion deals with irrelevant issues 25 points
Effective conclusion/integration 15 points	Reasonable attempts at integration 10 points	No integration   7 points
Format and Style (15 points-5 points each)
APA Style
    	Mostly APA Style
	Poor APA Style
Clear organization, paragraphing and headings	Acceptable organization
	Unclear organization, repetition, back and for the of ideas

No problems with grammar/
spelling and language	Few problems	Many problems with grammar, spelling and language   
Multimedia (20 points)
Multimedia Briefing innovative and covers the content	Multimedia briefing routine and covers content	Only a narrated PowerPoint