Individual Reflection

rdb074 posted a question Jun 21, 2014 at 6:22am
Hi Nightowl, the following is the 2nd part to the assignment you previously assisted with. For the most part all of the info needed comes from the team charter you created. In terms of more personal info about me other than what I included in the previous question let me know if you need it and I will get it to you. If what I've presented already is not enough. 

Assignment: Individual Reflection: My Role as an Effective Collaborator (Part 2): Resume and Cover Letter
Last week, you designed a Team Charter as part of the application process for a position at WCI, a fictional organization whose mission is to improve teamwork at organizations worldwide. Creating a Team Charter is only the first step in this process, however. In order to consider you as a candidate for a position on their model team, WCI also requires that you submit an up-to-date resume and a cover letter.
For the second part of the Individual Reflection, you will build off the Team Charter you developed for the Individual Reflection from Week 5 to finalize your application for the position at WCI. To complete this week’s Individual Reflection:
Create and submit a resume that highlights your individual skills critical to teamwork and effective collaboration. Your resume should be at least one page, but not more than two pages. You should include relevant examples to support your experience and skills.
Draft and submit a one page cover letter in which you try to “sell yourself” to WCI. Your goal is to get hired on the model team, so be sure to talk about your passion for teambuilding, past experience in team work, and any other information you think would be helpful to WCI. Your letter should be addressed to:


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